Coordinating Council (CCO)

To coordinate the activities of all of the permanent committees.
To assist in planning and organizing Presbytery meetings. The order of business at Presbytery shall ordinarily be set by the Stated Clerk with the advice of the Coordinating Council.
To give answer to any questions proposed to it from the floor of Presbytery.

TE Brad Allison    (2018)    Altadena Valley Presbyterian Church
TE Harris Bond    (2019)    Knollwood Presbyterian Church
TE Grant Carroll    (2019)    Faith Pres. Church - Anniston
RE Charles Gibson    (2019)    Grace Presbyterian - Chelsea
TE Alex Goodsell    (2018)    Evangel Pres. Church - Alabaster
TE Daniel Leavengood    (2020)    Lakewood Presbyterian Church
TE Tom Patton    (2018)    Urban Hope Community Church
TE Chris Peters    (2018)    Cross Creek Church
TE Greg Poole    (2018)    Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church
RE Mike Russell (RE)    (2018)    Faith Pres. Church - B'ham.
RE Tommy Saunders    (2020)    Briarwood Presbyterian Church
TE Hunter Twitty    (2018)    Third Presbyterian Church
TE Martin Wagner, Chairman    (2018)    Faith Pres. Church - B'ham.