Presbytery Committees

Officers of the Presbytery (2023)
Moderator - RE Glenn Waddell (2023)
Stated Clerk - TE Ken Stuart (2024)
Assistant Stated Clerk - TE Martin Wagner (2025)
Bookkeeper - RE Mr. David O'Dell (2025)
Treasurer - RE Mr. George Hodges (2024)

Administrative Committee (AC)
To submit a slate of Permanent Committee nominees, after consulting Permanent Committee Chairmen, and after all nominees have been contacted before their nomination for their consent and willingness to actively serve if elected, at the 4th (November) Stated Meeting.
To submit at the 4th (November) Stated Presbytery Meeting after all nominees have been contacted before their nomination for their consent and willingness to actively serve if elected:
A. A nominee for Presbytery Moderator for the following year.
B. A slate of nominees for consideration to serve on the Permanent Committees of the GA
C. A slate of Commissioners to the various Committees of Commissioners for service at the upcoming GA.
The nominations to fill membership on the Administrative Committee will normally come from the floor of Presbytery. The nominees must give their consent & willingness to actively serve if elected in order for their name to be placed in nomination. In the event of insufficient names placed in nomination from the floor, the Administrative Committee will provide a list of nominees to the Presbytery prepared in advance for such a need.
To endeavor to involve every local church in the work of Presbytery by seeking to place at least one Ruling Elder from each church on some Presbytery committee in order to facilitate Presbytery-wide parity.
The Church & Pastor Care Committee may recommend to the Administrative Committee nominees of candidates for service on the membership on the Church & Pastor Care Committee those who have in their opinion demonstrated a willingness pastorally to care for both the churches and the Teaching Elders, both active and inactive, of Presbytery.
To fill, with the approval of the Moderator and at the request of the committee, vacancies on any permanent committees of the Presbytery.
To supervise the work of the Stated Clerk, Assistant Stated Clerk and Treasurer and to nominate persons to fill these office terms.
To prepare and present to the Presbytery at its 4th (November) Stated Presbytery Meeting a combined budget for the following year for all areas of Presbytery needs which shall be subject to amendment and final approval.
To oversee the examination of the minutes and records of the Sessions of the local churches and report their findings to the affected churches and to the Presbytery.
To keep the Presbytery informed concerning all legal matters within the jurisdiction of the Presbytery and arrange to furnish counsel to the Presbytery, its committees, and consider the legal needs of any congregation when asked to do so.
To administer the Disaster Relief Fund
At such time as trustees of the Presbytery are needed, the Administrative Committee shall provide nominees for Presbytery consideration.
To conduct or refer to any committee any business not expressly stated within the descriptions of other committees duties.

Candidates, Licentiates, and Interns (CLIC)
To examine men recommended as candidates by Sessions in accordance with the BCO, and to present approved candidates to Presbytery for examination.
To counsel and oversee candidates in regard to their preparation for the ministry and to arrange for further specific study as may be needed.
To recommend candidates to a seminary where scholarship funds administered by the seminary require such recommendation and approval by the Presbytery.
To supervise the internship program

Church and Pastor Care Committee (CPCC)
To receive requests and make recommendations concerning ministers who desire to labor in works beyond the Presbytery jurisdiction. The Presbytery will not ordain or approve a minister to work outside the bounds of the Presbytery (1) without the full concurrence of or (2) under circumstances not completely agreeable to Presbytery. The committee shall implement the Presbytery oversight of ministers (including missionaries and chaplains who remain members of the Presbytery) laboring outside the bounds of the Presbytery. Whenever possible, unless mitigating circumstances dictate otherwise, ministers should be asked to hold membership in the Presbytery in which they labor.
To act as a commission of the Presbytery in dissolving pastoral relationships in cases where the minister and congregation formally concur in such dissolution and when judicial complaints are not involved. In situations in which no congregation is involved, the committee has the authority to act as a commission of the Presbytery in dismissing ministers at the request of the minister. In such cases where the commission would propose dismissal against the will of the minister, the matter will be brought before the entire Presbytery. The committee shall inform the Stated Clerk of Presbytery of any action taken in exercising this authority, and the Clerk will subsequently remove the minister from the Presbytery rolls after the next stated meeting of Evangel Presbytery.
To inquire into matters and offer counsel at the invitation or request of the minister, Session of a Church, the Congregation of a Church by a majority vote at a duly called meeting of the congregation, or at the instruction of Presbytery when congregations encounter problems or when ministers encounter problems either personally or in relationship with their congregations. If the committee deems wise, the committee shall report on the matter to the Presbytery with recommendations for further action.
To develop strategies to encourage and strengthen fellowship among members of the Presbytery.
To review the reasons for absences from meetings of the Presbytery and provide pastoral care and encouragement where needed.
To review, at least semiannually, the status and welfare of ministers without a call and encourage and help where possible as needed.
To administer as needed a mercy fund reserve set aside in the budget of the Presbytery for ministers experiencing financial emergencies. The committee may, make known such needs to the Presbytery between Stated Presbytery Meetings and solicit assistance for same from the local churches as it deems necessary and appropriate.
To oversee the TEs that serve as stated supply according to BCO 22-5.

Coordinating Council (CCO)
To coordinate the activities of all of the permanent committees.
To assist in planning and organizing Presbytery meetings. The order of business at Presbytery shall ordinarily be set by the Stated Clerk with the advice of the Coordinating Council.
To give answer to any questions proposed to it from the floor of Presbytery.

Credentials Committee (CC)
To examine ordained men who are transferring into the bounds of Presbytery.
To approve the terms of the call of men coming into Presbytery.
To examine candidates for licensure and ordination. The committee shall examine men in all areas required by the Book of Church Order. Written exams must be completed and returned to the chairman at least four weeks prior to the Presbytery meeting at which the candidate will appear for licensure or ordination in order that the exam may be graded before he appears for oral exam by the committee. The committee will require candidates for licensure to submit sufficient accepted media copies of a sermon they have preached, which the committee shall evaluate. If the committee is satisfied with the sermon the candidate will not preach before Presbytery.
In addition to the requirements of the BCO, the Committee shall examine all men coming into Evangel Presbytery in the areas including but not limited to the following:
A. Physical, emotional and moral health
B. Financial needs and problems
C. Spiritual gifts
D. History of Ministry
E. Spiritual maturity
F. General Ability to Edify the Church
Although these areas are subjective in nature, the Committee shall draw conclusions about the general acceptability of the man for the church and report its findings or concerns to the Presbytery.
To lead examinations on the floor of Presbytery by having the chairman or his designee ask three representative questions from each area the man is to be examined. After the representative exam questions are asked the Presbytery may ask questions of the examinee from the floor.
Churches desiring to call a particular minister shall notify the committee of its desire and of the terms of the call, providing the committee with a sufficiently future date for extending the call in order to allow the committee to act properly in processing the call through Presbytery.

Discipleship Ministries Committee (DM)
To provide seminars at Presbytery meetings that will further equip and educate ruling and teaching elders.
To conduct workshops and seminars as needed to better equip Christian Education leaders, staff and local church workers within the Presbytery. These training opportunities may be done in conjunction with but are not limited to the PCAs CE&P Permanent Committee. Other areas such as moral issues and concerns may also require additional training opportunities from time to time and the committee is encouraged to pursue those as needed.
To encourage, oversee and report on the Presbytery WIC organization.
To serve the Presbytery by keeping it informed on any moral and ethical issues that would be of concern to the Presbytery.
It will also work as a liaison between the local churches of the Presbytery to inform them of issues of immediate concern to the local churchs Christian Action Committee.
To produce, or pass on as they determine the need, material of concern on moral and ethical issues that would be of concern both to the Presbytery and to the local Christian Action Committees (CAC) for them to respond to as the CAC see fit; whether as press releases, prayer concerns, legislative alerts, petition drives, workshop material, etc. In no case, however, shall the committee speak on behalf of the Presbytery regarding local & moral issues unless it has been expressly approved by the Presbytery to do so.

Judicial Advice and Review Committee (JAR)
The JAR committee serves in an advisory and resource capacity for the Stated Clerk in Judicial and Constitutional matters. Its members are not to be considered for membership on Commissions for judicial cases which are considered by the Presbytery.
The Committee will provide procedural advice and will make itself available to the Stated Clerk of Evangel Presbytery to help insure that judicial issues that arise in the Presbytery meet constitutional requirements. The committee will also serve as the directed agent in receiving cases from the Stated Clerk for consideration by the Evangel Presbytery. It is to review and make a recommendation to the Presbytery as to whether the case meets the requirements for consideration as laid out in the BCO, This review may take place either prior to or at any regularly scheduled meeting of Presbytery with time being of the essence.
The JAR committee does not have the power to refuse presentation of any case to the Presbytery.
The review and recommendation of the JAR committee to the Presbytery shall only address the adherence of judicial requirements of a matter and not the worthiness of the matter itself.
For edification and clarification of all involved it will be considered appropriate to state the reason(s) for any case which in the opinion of the JAR committee does not meet requirements as laid out in the BCO for consideration.
Any costs of the JAR committee operation is to be borne by the Presbytery.

Local Church Missions Committee Chairmen (Missions)
A listing of the chairmen of the local churches of Evangel Presbytery.

Mission to North America (MNA)
To assist churches of Presbytery in evangelism & revitalization
To develop and coordinate a strategic plan for church planting within the Presbytery
To provide financial aid to churches and guide them toward a self-supporting status, when possible.
To provide oversight to mission churches in the Presbytery receiving aid or loans from the Presbytery.
To with the approval of Presbytery, act and buy, sell, convey, lease, mortgage, and otherwise encumber real property either owned or acquired by the Presbytery for church extension purposes.
To counsel with congregations desiring to unite with this Presbytery taking care to follow current BCO requirements for same.

Mission to the World (MTW)
To promote the cause of world missions within the Presbytery.
To promote and coordinate involvement in summer missions and short-term projects among churches within the Presbytery.
To encourage local churches to invite missionaries to visit and report on their work in the local churches.
To coordinate information between local churches of the Presbytery in order to maximize efficiency of locally available mission resources.

Presbytery Women in the Church Leadership (PresWIC)
This is a joint Committee of Providence Presbytery and Evangel Presbytery. This team serves the ladies of both Presbyteries to God's glory as they seek to enhance ministry to and by women within the church and to those outside the church according to the Word of God.

RUF Committee (RUF)
The Reformed University Ministries Committee will represent the Presbytery on the Alabama Joint Committee on Reformed University Ministries along with representatives from Southeast Alabama Presbytery and Warrior Presbytery.
The Committee, with the Alabama Joint Committee: will determine the needs of campus ministry within the boundaries of the Presbytery, and determine priorities of new ministries, will organize new ministries on campuses and seek out and train qualified staff for these ministries, with the approval of the Presbytery, will oversee the campus ministers called to work within the Alabama area, including calling men to a particular work, and establishing budgets, with the approval of the Presbytery and will encourage and assist in developing the financial resources for campus ministries in Alabama.
The committee will inform the local churches and people of the Presbytery of campus ministries', its purpose, progress, and needs.
The committee will report directly to the Presbytery concerning the work of the Alabama Joint Committee on Reformed University Ministries.