Discipleship Ministries Committee (DM)

To provide seminars at Presbytery meetings that will further equip and educate ruling and teaching elders.
To conduct workshops and seminars as needed to better equip Christian Education leaders, staff and local church workers within the Presbytery. These training opportunities may be done in conjunction with but are not limited to the PCAs CE&P Permanent Committee. Other areas such as moral issues and concerns may also require additional training opportunities from time to time and the committee is encouraged to pursue those as needed.
To encourage, oversee and report on the Presbytery WIC organization.
To serve the Presbytery by keeping it informed on any moral and ethical issues that would be of concern to the Presbytery.
It will also work as a liaison between the local churches of the Presbytery to inform them of issues of immediate concern to the local churchs Christian Action Committee.
To produce, or pass on as they determine the need, material of concern on moral and ethical issues that would be of concern both to the Presbytery and to the local Christian Action Committees (CAC) for them to respond to as the CAC see fit; whether as press releases, prayer concerns, legislative alerts, petition drives, workshop material, etc. In no case, however, shall the committee speak on behalf of the Presbytery regarding local & moral issues unless it has been expressly approved by the Presbytery to do so.

TE David W. Chester    (2024)    Evangel Presbytery - Hon. Retired
RE Earl Gibson    (2024)    Briarwood Presbyterian Church
TE Phil Reddick    (2025)    Evangel Presbytery- Out-of-Bounds
TE Juan Vasquez    (2026)    Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church
TE Michael Wichlan, Chairman    (2025)    Briarwood Presbyterian Church