Judicial Advice and Review Committee (JAR)

The JAR committee serves in an advisory and resource capacity for the Stated Clerk in Judicial and Constitutional matters. Its members are not to be considered for membership on Commissions for judicial cases which are considered by the Presbytery.
The Committee will provide procedural advice and will make itself available to the Stated Clerk of Evangel Presbytery to help insure that judicial issues that arise in the Presbytery meet constitutional requirements. The committee will also serve as the directed agent in receiving cases from the Stated Clerk for consideration by the Evangel Presbytery. It is to review and make a recommendation to the Presbytery as to whether the case meets the requirements for consideration as laid out in the BCO, This review may take place either prior to or at any regularly scheduled meeting of Presbytery with time being of the essence.
The JAR committee does not have the power to refuse presentation of any case to the Presbytery.
The review and recommendation of the JAR committee to the Presbytery shall only address the adherence of judicial requirements of a matter and not the worthiness of the matter itself.
For edification and clarification of all involved it will be considered appropriate to state the reason(s) for any case which in the opinion of the JAR committee does not meet requirements as laid out in the BCO for consideration.
Any costs of the JAR committee operation is to be borne by the Presbytery.

TE Brad Allison    (2024)    Altadena Valley Presbyterian Church
RE Walter Monroe    (2025)    Third Presbyterian Church
TE Ken Stuart, Chairman    (2024)    Evangel Presbytery- Out-of-Bounds
TE Martin Wagner    (2025)    Faith Pres. Church - B'ham.