Credentials Committee (CC)

To examine ordained men who are transferring into the bounds of Presbytery.
To approve the terms of the call of men coming into Presbytery.
To examine candidates for licensure and ordination. The committee shall examine men in all areas required by the Book of Church Order. Written exams must be completed and returned to the chairman at least four weeks prior to the Presbytery meeting at which the candidate will appear for licensure or ordination in order that the exam may be graded before he appears for oral exam by the committee. The committee will require candidates for licensure to submit sufficient accepted media copies of a sermon they have preached, which the committee shall evaluate. If the committee is satisfied with the sermon the candidate will not preach before Presbytery.
In addition to the requirements of the BCO, the Committee shall examine all men coming into Evangel Presbytery in the areas including but not limited to the following:
A. Physical, emotional and moral health
B. Financial needs and problems
C. Spiritual gifts
D. History of Ministry
E. Spiritual maturity
F. General Ability to Edify the Church
Although these areas are subjective in nature, the Committee shall draw conclusions about the general acceptability of the man for the church and report its findings or concerns to the Presbytery.
To lead examinations on the floor of Presbytery by having the chairman or his designee ask three representative questions from each area the man is to be examined. After the representative exam questions are asked the Presbytery may ask questions of the examinee from the floor.
Churches desiring to call a particular minister shall notify the committee of its desire and of the terms of the call, providing the committee with a sufficiently future date for extending the call in order to allow the committee to act properly in processing the call through Presbytery.

RE Billy Ball    (2024)    Briarwood Presbyterian Church
RE Bill Bennett    (2024)    Covenant Presbyterian Church
TE Michael Brock    (2026)    Third Presbyterian Church
TE Max Bunn    (2025)    Briarwood Presbyterian Church
TE Matthew Clegg    (2026)    Red Mountain Church
RE Joe Ellis    (2025)    Community Presbyterian Church
TE Charles Johnson    (2024)    Red Mountain Church
TE Heath Kahlbau    (2025)    Evangel Presbytery - Without Call
TE Daniel Leavengood, Chairman    (2024)    Lakewood Presbyterian Church
TE PD Mayfield    (2026)    Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church
RE Dave Nelson    (2026)    Lakewood Presbyterian Church
RE David O'Dell    (2025)    Covenant Presbyterian Church
TE Cameron Patterson    (2025)    Evangel Presbytery- Out-of-Bounds
RE Steve Stigler    (2026)    Covenant Presbyterian Church
RE Gordon Thompson    (2024)    Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church
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