RUF Committee (RUF)

The Reformed University Ministries Committee will represent the Presbytery on the Alabama Joint Committee on Reformed University Ministries along with representatives from Southeast Alabama Presbytery and Warrior Presbytery.
The Committee, with the Alabama Joint Committee: will determine the needs of campus ministry within the boundaries of the Presbytery, and determine priorities of new ministries, will organize new ministries on campuses and seek out and train qualified staff for these ministries, with the approval of the Presbytery, will oversee the campus ministers called to work within the Alabama area, including calling men to a particular work, and establishing budgets, with the approval of the Presbytery and will encourage and assist in developing the financial resources for campus ministries in Alabama.
The committee will inform the local churches and people of the Presbytery of campus ministries', its purpose, progress, and needs.
The committee will report directly to the Presbytery concerning the work of the Alabama Joint Committee on Reformed University Ministries.

TE Grant Carroll    (2024)    Faith Pres. Church - Anniston
TE Bob Flayhart    (2025)    Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church
TE Tom Franklin, Chairman    (2024)    Homewood Community Church
RE Christopher Frost    (2024)    Briarwood Presbyterian Church
TE Robert (Rob) Lopoer    (2027)    Briarwood Presbyterian Church
TE Claude McRoberts    (2026)    Cahaba Park Pres. Church
RE Chuck Powell    (2026)    Briarwood Presbyterian Church
TE Jason Sterling    (2025)    Faith Pres. Church - B'ham.