Mission to North America (MNA)

To assist churches of Presbytery in evangelism & revitalization
To develop and coordinate a strategic plan for church planting within the Presbytery
To provide financial aid to churches and guide them toward a self-supporting status, when possible.
To provide oversight to mission churches in the Presbytery receiving aid or loans from the Presbytery.
To with the approval of Presbytery, act and buy, sell, convey, lease, mortgage, and otherwise encumber real property either owned or acquired by the Presbytery for church extension purposes.
To counsel with congregations desiring to unite with this Presbytery taking care to follow current BCO requirements for same.

TE Brad Allison, Secretary    (2019)    Altadena Valley Presbyterian Church
TE Tom Franklin    (2020)    RUF - Birmingham-Southern College
TE Alton Hardy    (2020)    Urban Hope Community Church
RE Eric Henry    (2019)    Faith Pres. Church - B'ham.
TE Murray Lee, Chairman    (2019)    Cahaba Park Pres. Church
RE Paul Loyless    (2021)    Covenant Presbyterian Church
RE Wally Mertz    (2021)    Altadena Valley Presbyterian Church
TE Jamie Peterson    (2021)    Cahaba Park Pres. Church
TE Gary Purdy    (2020)    City Church Midtown (Mission)
TE Rick Searle    (2019)    Faith Pres. Church - Anniston
RE Lamar Thomas    (2020)    Briarwood Presbyterian Church
RE Chris Walker    (2021)    Cahaba Park Pres. Church