Administrative Committee (AC)

To submit a slate of Permanent Committee nominees, after consulting Permanent Committee Chairmen, and after all nominees have been contacted before their nomination for their consent and willingness to actively serve if elected, at the 4th (November) Stated Meeting.
To submit at the 4th (November) Stated Presbytery Meeting after all nominees have been contacted before their nomination for their consent and willingness to actively serve if elected:
A. A nominee for Presbytery Moderator for the following year.
B. A slate of nominees for consideration to serve on the Permanent Committees of the GA
C. A slate of Commissioners to the various Committees of Commissioners for service at the upcoming GA.
The nominations to fill membership on the Administrative Committee will normally come from the floor of Presbytery. The nominees must give their consent & willingness to actively serve if elected in order for their name to be placed in nomination. In the event of insufficient names placed in nomination from the floor, the Administrative Committee will provide a list of nominees to the Presbytery prepared in advance for such a need.
To endeavor to involve every local church in the work of Presbytery by seeking to place at least one Ruling Elder from each church on some Presbytery committee in order to facilitate Presbytery-wide parity.
The Church & Pastor Care Committee may recommend to the Administrative Committee nominees of candidates for service on the membership on the Church & Pastor Care Committee those who have in their opinion demonstrated a willingness pastorally to care for both the churches and the Teaching Elders, both active and inactive, of Presbytery.
To fill, with the approval of the Moderator and at the request of the committee, vacancies on any permanent committees of the Presbytery.
To supervise the work of the Stated Clerk, Assistant Stated Clerk and Treasurer and to nominate persons to fill these office terms.
To prepare and present to the Presbytery at its 4th (November) Stated Presbytery Meeting a combined budget for the following year for all areas of Presbytery needs which shall be subject to amendment and final approval.
To oversee the examination of the minutes and records of the Sessions of the local churches and report their findings to the affected churches and to the Presbytery.
To keep the Presbytery informed concerning all legal matters within the jurisdiction of the Presbytery and arrange to furnish counsel to the Presbytery, its committees, and consider the legal needs of any congregation when asked to do so.
To administer the Disaster Relief Fund
At such time as trustees of the Presbytery are needed, the Administrative Committee shall provide nominees for Presbytery consideration.
To conduct or refer to any committee any business not expressly stated within the descriptions of other committees duties.

TE Marty Crawford, Chairman    (2026)    Covenant Presbyterian Church
RE Scott Gosnell    (2025)    Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church
RE George Hodges    (2024)    Briarwood Presbyterian Church
RE Tom Jackson    (2025)    Christ Community Church - Helena
TE Bobby Parks    (2024)    Briarwood Presbyterian Church
RE Mike Sanders, Secretary    (2026)    Briarwood Presbyterian Church
TE Hunter Twitty    (2024)    Third Presbyterian Church
TE Donald Wahlman    (2025)    Evangel Presbytery- Out-of-Bounds
RE Charles Woodall    (2026)    Briarwood Presbyterian Church