Candidates, Licentiates, and Interns (CLIC)

To examine men recommended as candidates by Sessions in accordance with the BCO, and to present approved candidates to Presbytery for examination.
To counsel and oversee candidates in regard to their preparation for the ministry and to arrange for further specific study as may be needed.
To recommend candidates to a seminary where scholarship funds administered by the seminary require such recommendation and approval by the Presbytery.
To supervise the internship program

RE Jason Crowe    (2025)    Briarwood Presbyterian Church
TE Rob Genin, Chairman    (2025)    Briarwood Presbyterian Church
TE Chad Granger    (2026)    Urban Hope Community Church
TE Blake Harris    (2025)    Altadena Valley Presbyterian Church
RE Doug Haskew    (2024)    Briarwood Presbyterian Church
RE Walter Monroe    (2026)    Third Presbyterian Church
RE Drew Ricketts    (2024)    Briarwood Presbyterian Church
TE Wally Sherbon    (2024)    Evangel Presbytery - Hon. Retired
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